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“At Solis Health and Beauty we seek to promote optimal wellness so patients can live their best life.”

After patients have established care with an in-person visit, they may opt to receive certain services via telemedicine, including urgent care. At Solis Health and Beauty we value our patient’s time and want to provide convenient, accessible care, combined with concierge level service.


Normally, doctors and other health care providers care for their patients in person at a facility such as a medical office, clinic, or hospital. But thanks to computers, smartphones, and other new digital technologies, medical professionals can now diagnose, treat, and oversee their patients’ care virtually.

Telehealth is defined as the delivery of health care services at a distance through the use of technology. It can include everything from conducting medical visits over the computer, to monitoring patients’ vital signs remotely. Its definition is broader than that of telemedicine, which only includes the remote delivery of health care.

 At Solis Health and Beauty we value our patient’s time and want to provide convenient, accessible care, combined with concierge level service. Patients can establish care via a virtual appointment and receive consultations for hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, health coaching, disease counseling, minor urgent care issues or acute ailments, prescriptions for blood work via LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics and prescription refills. Our electronic medical record system is 100% secure and HIPPA compliant. Patients receive text and email reminders for appointments, and can send secure messages directly to their health provider for questions or requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare as much information and/or documentation as possible beforehand with any lab results, notes from previous providers, medication list, etc.

Try to find a quiet, calm space with minimal distractions. If possible keep children and pets occupied during your scheduled visit, or watched by a caretaker, so you can focus on your visit. Make sure you have good lighting to show your provider any skin problems or body parts you want them to assess.

No, typically these appointments can be done through a cell phone camera, laptop or tablet with a camera with a wi-fi or cellular connection. Just use the link sent to you, via text or email, and enable permissions for a website to access your camera and microphone. Ideally, try to log on 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to troubleshoot any problems, or contact your provider’s office to help you troubleshoot. Make sure whatever device you are using that it has been charged and has enough battery power or is plugged in. Video calls use a lot of power and drain batteries quickly.

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