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Energy Medicine and the Mind/Body/Spirit Phenomenon

Since earliest recorded history, we humans have had an innate awareness of energy medicine and the natural ability to heal our physical bodies, which are comprised energetic systems of consisting of atoms and electrons on the most basic level. However, this innate wisdom has been long ignored by conventional medicine, which has held a superficial notion that our bodies are limited to the physical structure and makeup of cells, tissue and organs until these views were challenged by recent discoveries made in the realm of quantum physics.

Despite the advances we've made in science and medicine, we are now just beginning to understand the intricate complexities of the energetic components of conscious and subconscious thoughts, emotions and belief patterns in relationship to the mind/body/spirit paradigm. Based on the recent findings in human genetic research,

Energy Medicine
biological functions involve a higher level of cellular “consciousness” than scientists once thought. Recent evidence indicates that the driving force behind all bio-molecular functions of the physical body is the bio-energetic system, which involves innate subconscious intelligence that dictates the behavior of every cell, seemingly on autopilot. Although part of this automated process involves the expression of molecular DNA through genetic coding, there is much more complex process governing our physical functions.

Energy Medicine
, the Biology of Belief and Epigenetics

In his book, The Biology of Belief, biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. explains that the outdated Darwinian-based theory of predetermination of genetic DNA coding and the presumed role genes play in heredity and evolution falls short of the modern discoveries made in a new field of research called “epigenetics”, which acknowledges the cell’s ability to consciously gather information about the environment and adapt accordingly, in addition to processing stored molecular genetic information.

Energy Medicine and teh Human Genome
Epigenetic research advanced after a shocking discovery was made by biological researchers participating in the Human Genome Project. This $3 billion multi-national research project (founded in 1990 by the United States Department of Energy and the U.S. National Institutes of Health and concluded in 2003) was tasked with the massive undertaking of mapping the entire human genome in an attempt to unravel the mystery of pathology by correlating specific genes with their presumed matching disease counterparts. At the conclusion of the project, these participating scientists were shocked to discover that the entire human genome consists of only approximately 24,000 genes, which was far less (90,000 short) than the number of genes they expected to find. Dr. Lipton points out, "There are simply not enough genes to account for the complexity of human life or of human disease."

Epigenetics has expanded the knowledge base of genetic research by incorporating additional factors in our environment that affect gene expression, including electromagnetic fields, was well as issues of consciousness involving our thought patterns and belief systems and their associated emotions. Epigenetic research now indicates that our thought patterns, belief systems and emotions synergistically result in a cascade of events involving neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones that can determine how our genes will react and express themselves in our cells. But despite the findings of the Human Genome Project and epigenetic research, conventional medicine has remained largely in dark denial of the Mind/Body/Spirit phenomenon while continuing to treat the human body as a purely physical entity and disregarding the emotional/spiritual aspects of health and healing.

Energy Medicine Acknowledges the Body/Mind/Spirit Phenomenon

Unlike conventional medicine, energy medicine treats the entire Body/Mind/Spirit system as a unified whole, including conscious mental/emotonal aspects that are expressed as the electromagnetic energy and focuses on the transfer of electromagnetic energy at the cellular level in order to facilitate and support the healing process. Following this premise, energy medicine defines disease as a disruption in the natural electromagnetic/biochemical flow of this complex mental/emotional/physical system, and healing occurs when that flow is realigned. Realignment can be facilitated at various points on various pathways through any number of physical, chemical and energetic ways. Recent advances in energy medicine have lead to increased effectiveness in the healing process. See Energy Medicine.


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